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Dolan Steel Restoration

Dolan Steel restoration is the process of bringing your old or worn-out bicycle back to its original or improved condition. It often involves disassembling the bike, cleaning, repairing or replacing components, and refinishing or repainting parts as needed. Bicycle restoration can be a rewarding and enjoyable project for bike enthusiasts who appreciate the history and craftsmanship of older bicycles. Here are the general steps involved in a bicycle restoration:

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Hand crafted to perform

Custom Builds

Dolan Handcrafted steel bicycles are meticulously built by skilled artisan terry Dolan using Columbus/Dedacciai steel as the primary material for the frame. Steel has been a traditional and popular choice for bicycle frames for many years due to its durability, strength, and ride quality. Handcrafting involves the careful shaping, welding, and finishing of each individual frame, often with a focus on attention to detail and customization.

Steel is known for its strength and durability. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride, as it has a degree of flexibility that can absorb road vibrations.

Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen manually. This includes the cutting, shaping, welding, and finishing of the steel tubes that make up the frame.
Attention to Detail: We pay close attention to details, such as carefully brazing or welding joints, creating intricate lugwork (the connection points between tubes), and adding custom features.

Bespoke Designs: Handcrafted Dolan steel offer bespoke or custom designs. Customers can work closely with the builder to tailor the frame geometry, tube thickness, and other features to their specific preferences.
Paint and Finish Options: Custom paint jobs and finishes are often part of the Customisation process, allowing riders to choose colours and designs that suit their style.

Ride Quality:
Smooth Ride: Steel frames are known for providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The material’s ability to absorb vibrations can result in a more forgiving experience on rough roads.

Cost and Time:
Handcrafted steel bicycles typically command a higher price tag compared to their mass-produced counterparts. This is primarily due to the labor-intensive manufacturing process and the added costs associated with customisation. Additionally, the custom nature of these bicycles results in longer production lead times when compared to the quicker manufacturing timelines of mass-produced bikes.

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Only The Finest Steel

Classic & Modern Builds

We use both Columbus and Dedacciai tubing they are reputable manufacturers of high-quality bicycle tubing, and many cyclists appreciate the performance and characteristics that steel frames built with their tubing offer.

Columbus, Dedacciai offers a range of tubing options, each tailored to different performance requirements. The choice between Columbus and Dedacciai tubes can depend on factors such as the specific characteristics you’re looking for in a frame, the type of riding you plan to do, and personal preferences.

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Reynolds 753

Master Frame builder

Terry Dolan is a fully certified Reynolds 753 “Master Frame builder” and has a high level of expertise and experience in the craft of building bicycle frames.
Working with Reynolds 753 requires a deep understanding of the material’s characteristics and how to manipulate it to achieve desired frame characteristics.

Reynolds 753 is a high-performance steel tubing that gained fame in the cycling world. It was manufactured by Reynolds Technology, a British company known for producing high-quality bicycle tubing. The 753 tubing was particularly notable for its heat-treated design, which increased its strength and allowed for thinner tube walls, resulting in a lighter frame.


Over 60 years of expertise

Dolan Bikes History

Dolan Bikes has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and innovation in the cycling industry. The company’s history is marked by key milestones and a commitment to serving cyclists of various disciplines.

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